longboarding in fiji

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice regarding longboarding in Fiji. Im heading over there late August for 10 days. Should be expecting 4-8 foot on the refbreaks. I have always had problems in really hollow surf on my board though. Just can't eem to get down the face quick enough before it's lights out. Am I wasting my time taking a 9 footer?

Any advice on techniques to focus on in hollow surf would be greatly appreciated.

I will bend like a reed in the wind...

Hi ya Muadib, you can do it with the angled take off drop but if you surf comfortably on something shorter it will fit the reefy hollow line better 4ft yeh, longboard, but biggerjust compare the hollow bigger days at home... fiji no continental shelf to slow the swells so much quicker paddle into the waves. I did OK on both long and short.Enjoy Jaffa

Happy old fart!

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