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I scored a very good season in the UK once, all of the Cornwall breaks were firing from about Aug to Oct. Outside of that window, total crap. This site actually hass the best listing of UK spots that I have seen anywhere else, check it out in detail if you are contemplating this.

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Forget the South West. It has some quality spots, but it's too rammed for me, too many wannabes . Of course, if Porthleven happens to be firing, or Croyde, midweek, low tide, winter(no crowds) then, well, yeh ok.

Our prevailing wind is from the South West. If there's swell in the north sea, chances are it'll be offshore and a lot quieter. Well worth a hunt around,you may be pleasantly surprised.


So around Devon? on the north side?

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Around North Devon, the top spots would be Croyde ( at low tide), which is a powerful wave by anybody's standards, Saunton for the longboarders, and Lynmouth for anybody who might be interested in a long, fast left point.

I normally surf in Wales when I'm not on the bore,mostly around the Gower peninsula, west of Swansea. The south coast of the Gower is mostly reef, although Langland is a decent beachie on it's day. Llangennith is the local indicator beach, right at at the western end of the peninsula. Great scenery,consistent spot, but more in the "fun" than "regional classic" sort of class. However, I love surfing at Rhossili, which is the southern end of Llangennith Bay, because there is a steep winding path down the cliffs to the beach which serves to keep numbers down. The cliffs give reasonable shelter from the prevailing wind, especially at high tide, and make for a pretty spectacular setting.

I reckon the best waves in England are not in Devon or Cornwall though. They're both good areas, and as consistent as anywhere outside of the summer season. Britain as a whole is inconsistent in summer, and what swell we get is usually small and onshore. I reckon the best of England is the North East coast, from the Humber estuary to the Scottish borders.I've had a couple of scouting missions to less publicized areas and been very impressed...surprised even. And I've had a few days spent around the Scarborough area...every one of them an offshore day. I've seen reefs a way north of there holding waves which are way out of my league. Anyone indulging in the search around there won't be searching for too long.


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