anything is better than namotu

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Right, sick to the back teeth of going to Fiji and surfing sideshore Wilkes Passage because I couldnt get a booking on Namotu or Tavarua. There must be other surf in Fiji surely? Is Frigates worth a surf trip in it's own right?

Kiss My Axe

Yeah, plenty of spots if you know where to look. They have updated the atlas with a few of the lesser known spots around the Mamanucas - check them out.

Your Fresh Out of Friends Cowboy

they will steal your money any way they can.

Contact Ian from Fiji Surf and tell him you wanna surf somewhere elsebeside Namoyu and Wilkes...If you have the balls, try a wave called Kongs, mini Pipe but bloody shallow, high tide only but epic pits so I hear...Yasawa ????

I found Ian to be a shitfight to be honest. Thought I had a boat pick up organised yet on the day he didnt show - got some baloney story about ahh, you have to use the local boats on the island...they didnt take you? Fucking hated it and would NOT recommend him to anyone. That whole place needs a cleanup if they ever dream about the local population (apart from the American Resorts on Tavarua and Namotu) ever making a sustainable bucj out of surfing.

Yasawas a long way north, anyone surfed there?

I will bend like a reed in the wind...

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