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sorry but some things will have to stay secret a bit longer. There are plenty of other spots nearby to satisfy travellers.big_smile

WED 26-05-2010The swell and conditions got better and better each day last week, up until Sat arvo. Then it got smaller and smaller until you get what's in the photo. A new NE swell has hit the East Coast, but its onshore today. It should hang around for a few days, with offshore in the mornings.


Last Week/end were dominated by NE winds, plenty of swell on the east coast, but also onshore. Not really any decent swell down South Arm either. However Boneyards kicked for the past 2 days as the wind dropped to nothing. About 5 ft Monday and 4 ft sets yesterday. Crowds at a manageable level. Looking forward to an increase in Southerly swell for the weekend.

Photo link Its about a 1km paddle, so I havent taken any photos of it. Lest just say that quite a few people got good long barrels.

Hey Lost,

Can you post some info on the Derevko range of suits here please mate? Look very interesting, are they very popular in South Africa? Do you have any distribution in NSW?

Longboarding > You


Here is a quote from our website

"Derevko Wetsuits is a Global water sports brand with our head office situated on the shores on the icy Atlantic ocean in Cape Town, South Africa.Established in 2008 and specialising in wetsuits design and development, Derevko has, in 2 short years, become the fastest growing multi-platform wetsuit brand within South Africa, and already started a global transition with distribution throughout Australia and agreements in place for the Netherlands, Belgium and Holland.The company was founded by Donovan Marais whose vision for a high value, well priced and affordable products has been the recipe for success behind the exponential growth of the company."

The idea is to bring good quality wetsuits at an affordable price. We have a range of 3 basic wetsuits. The entry level Alpha 3:2mm is $160 through to the top of range Omega at $325In NSW they can be found at Powerlinez Narrabeen, AKWA Surf in Milton and Totally Board in Ulladulla. There are stockists in VIC, SA and TAS as well. Or order direct by [email protected] (I can also ship to NZ) Check out the website for more info.


Been pretty lacklustre again, no real standout swells or conditions. Rebounds has been ok (see photo), but crowded with the school holidays. Mountain snow is predicted for tomorrow arvo so maybe the points will get kicking. No good for me, I am going to Fiji for 2 weeks. Thats predicted to be between 6 and 10ft through to Monday and you can get wear boardies. Luvin it. from Above


Wedge has worked 4 out of 5 days, but winds have swung SW tonight which will have killed it. Hopefully they will bring more swell for the points, otherwise its looking too big and onshore for a few days.Its a mixed bag for the rest of the week, so best thing is to take a drive, fill up at BP and help them get rid of some of their excess oil.


Not a lot of action down south this week. Pretty well flat. EagleHawk (pictured) provided waves for those willing to take the drive. Tomorrow should provide a small increase, but nothing great is forecast for a while. So go to work and save up money for a holiday to somewhere warm.Eagle Hawk 14 July 2010

27 Aug 2010

There has been a bit of surf about this week.

Wedge was at 2-3ft on Monday, but with long waits between sets.Then again on Wed but a lot more consistent. Normally there are lefts and rights, but it seemed only the rights were really doing the thing.Its snowing, freezing and onshore today so forget about getting in the water.


Report - Southerly 2.5 - 3m swell. Northerly winds. 7.08 am High tide.

The swell really has a bit of east in it, as apparently it wasnt getting into Clifton but was quite big along the rest of South Arm.

After perhaps the wettest weekend in years, when it first blew NE then SE, Monday left us with a nice 2.5m - 3m SE swell and some of those rare but good points along the lower east Coast behind Freycinet and Maria Is were working.

I forgot to to take the camera, but did manage to score some nice waves at a well out the way spot. Think lots of sheep, no other surfers and a 1/2 walk from the car.

I have had reports of other places being just as good.

Wedge was on again this morning getting the last of the dying South swell, which in the end lost the battle with the northerly winds.

Looks like there could be more on the way in the next few weeks.

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