West Coast, Tasmania
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West Coast, Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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NASA: Map of Tasmanian Tribes at the time of first European contact, 19 January 2006

The West Coast of Tasmania is the state which is mostly strongly associated with wilderness, mining, rough country and isolation.

As well as that, it was an early convict settlement location in the early stages of Van Diemen's Land. As a consequence, it is regularly considered separated from the tamed and agriculturally developed eastern side of the island of Tasmania.

There is no link or roads which connect the south west region and east coast.
The west coast has been mined, it has had railways penetrate, and roads and power lines move through the landscape, it has been entered, but in many locations - where mines or other activities have closed, or settlements become abandoned, vegetation and time have in many cases hidden the locations.


Scott Davis: Hell's Gate, West Coast Tasmania; 2006

Convict ruins and abandoned settlements dot this coastline, you are right in the firing line from the roaring 40's here, don't worry about whether you will get swell, just wonder when it is going to die down enough to get close enough to ride it. 

The main source of power here is the endless passage of S to SW swell rolling out of the Antartic. The west coast is directly in the firing line of the roaring 40's and whilst it is rarely flat it is often out of control. Weeks of onshore winds in the summer are a problem. Fortunately the sheltered bays and points of the other coasts offer reasonably uncrowded reprieve and often a very good wave in such conditions. Unlike many cold water surf destinations, you can surf in Tasmania all year round.

where to stay

Port Macquarie Harbour; M. Murphy; 16.02.2006

A campervan is a great way to see Tasmania and is very popular, the rental prices here are generally a bit cheaper than the mainland and it gives you freedom to make the most of your time here and take in as much as possible.

If you prefer a more fixed abode then the city of Hobart has all ranges of accommodation on offer from backers style hostels based around shared facilites and dorm type rooms right up to high end hotels for the traveller wishing to splurge. Out of the capital city you'll find a full range of rural cottages and farmstays in the country and a range of camping grounds, hotels and motels in most of the smaller towns and villages.

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