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Alaska, United States
LAST UPDATED 15/04/2008
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US Census: Alaska Locator Map with US, March 2008

Unalaska is a small city on Unalaska Island, on the Aleutian Islands off Alaska. The city has a total population of 4,347 persons and total area of 549.9 squared kilometres. Dutch Harbor lies within the city limits of Unalaska and is connected to Unalaska by a bridge. Amaknak Island is home to almost 59 percent of the city's population, although it has less than 3 percent of its land area.

where to stay

Wanetta Ayers: Aerial view of Unalaska, Alaska, 7 April 2008

Grand Aleutian Hotel is a four star hotel located remotely in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. It is well known as the largest and best hotel in the region as the rooms are spacious and have the view of the Bering Sea or Margaret Bay. Location of the hotel is also close to the airport and close to grocery stores and the Museum of Aleutians.
If you are on a budget, a really cheap place to stay at is the Harbor Crown Seafoods, located right next ot eh small boat harbor. It is actually an up coming seafood processing plant, but takes in non-employees when they have the rooms to. All rooms share a common bath, and the lounge area has a TV, microwave and fridge.

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